Green Brewery Tours Provide the Perfect Eco Travel Buzz

As the country slugs through the dog days of summer, last minute vacationers are looking for refreshing eco travel ideas. Lucky for them, there are a number of breweries who take as much pride and care in crafting the perfect bottle of beer as they do preserving the environment in which they operate. To learn more about their ambitious efforts while sampling their delicious concoctions, take a brewery tour!

Beautiful Ft. Collins, Colorado is home to New Belgium Brewery. This popular beer brand is loved all over the country, so chances are this eco travel experience will be of a familiar taste. This factory is constructed according to green building construction regulations, and the brewery process differs from conventional beer breweries by brewing according to the most energy- efficient brewing process. The loyal employees of the green brewery opted to take a pay cut to fund the use of wind power to provide energy for the factory. Their concern for the environment saves about 8 million pounds of burned coal a year. This brewery takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. Support New Belgium Brewery by taking your eco travel adventures to one of their brewery tours held Tuesday- Saturday, 10a- 6p. Daily tours are offered, but reservations are recommended.

Brooklyn, New York is known more for its urban culture and less for spearheading the green movement. Brooklyn Brewery is changing that with its concentration on alternative energy. Brooklyn Brewery is the first company in New York to rely on wind power for all of its energy needs. As one of America’s Top 40 Breweries, their effort to bring green living to daily living will reach audiences all over, gaining positive publicity money can’t buy. Include a tour of the impressive brewery when your eco travel plans take you to the Brooklyn area. Tours last no longer than 30 minutes and offered Saturday and Sunday afternoons. No reservations are necessary. Just show up ready to learn and enjoy a few cold ones!

Great Lakes Brewing Company of Cleveland, Ohio shows that deliberate actions have lasting implications in an effort to preserve our environment. In addition to serving some of the best all- natural beer there is to offer, Great Lakes Brewing Company talks the green talk and walks the green walk. Fuel to power its factory is created with recycled materials used from old factory promotional leaflets and fliers. The on- site restaurant composts all its food, and all delivery trucks run on biodiesel fuel. Clearly, environmental preservation is a priority for Great Lakes Brewing Company. Take your eco travel to a new level by signing up for Beer School, a fun and educational class that teaches you all about brewing beer (and tasting it as well!). 

Breweries across the country are taking a proactive approach to conserving our environment while delivering impeccable products. Hopefully other industries will take note. The more we support such endeavors, the more mainstream and globally accepted green living becomes.

Photo Credit: apol3