Inspiration from Rothbury UK

I was watching BBC this morning and came across a very inspiring story that I really want to share.


As you probably know, the UK recently experienced the ‘worst snow storm in eighteen years’. While it amounted to only a few inches of snow, it created chaos in the UK. But as Ruchira recently showed, it offers all sorts of opportunities to open up and experience new things. This is exactly what the few thousand residents of Rothbury did (albeit by necessity) and we can all learn something very important from their experience.


Because everything than can break in England does break when it snows, Rothbury residents were left without gas a few hours after the snowstorm began (apparently gas lines can be overwhelmed by snow!). Anyways, the gas company responded extraordinarily quickly and delivered electric heaters to nearly every house that relied on gas for heat within a number of hours—they were very customer oriented. Of course, when all these thousands of electric heaters were plugged in at the same time, the energy grid was overwhelmed, and as a result, circuits blew and the town was without power too.


In many ways, this was an extraordinary disaster. No heat, no power, and the biggest snowstorm in eighteen years! That’s certainly reason to complain right?


Wrong. As I witnessed from several interviews with the BBC, the residents, rather than complaining, simply put on more clothes! From what I remember, a pensioner and veteran explained that rather than having porridge for breakfast, he’d simply have corn flakes, no problem. Another woman said she was going to work because getting out of the house would do her good! The residents seemed to be making a statement. They had given up on the gas and energy that seemed so essential to so many of us and now simply treated it like a luxury. They brought out their old winter jackets, made some real wood fires, and just enjoyed what life had to offer.


These Rothbury residents are living the carbon free life without even knowing it and they’re doing it without any complaint or concern. I am sure they will be happy when the heat is back but they all now realize that they can do okay without it. I think we should all be inspired by their experience.