KarmaKonsum Conference Takes Place in India for the First Time in March 2014

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - A new Indo-German sustainability event called the ‘KarmaKonsum Conference’ will be held for the first time in India in March 2014. KarmaKonsum is a leading German business community promoting the concept of Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) and genuine corporate sustainability responsibility initiatives.  This organisation has developed a pioneering series of conferences that discuss and implement social consciousness and sustainability in businesses. Its eighth conference will be held for the first time internationally in India, Pune, in partnership with Indian designer and entrepreneur Sudhir Sharma, CEO and Creative Chairman of INDI Design.  

The conference’s strapline - “business innovations and marketing trends for sustainable development” – sets out the event’s mission and purpose, which is to inspire India’s new generation of business leaders by addressing the Western lifestyle values of mass consumption, which are currently being replicated here by its very large emerging middle class is an antiquated and harmful model. Instead, it argues there is now a new and better way of doing things, a way that is based on health and sustainability and that this thinking is actually much closer to the values of Indian culture. KarmaKonsum wants to appeal to the Indian people and motivate them to do things better and not follow the dated western ways.

KarmaKonsum’s thinking is not in isolation. There are many experts and thinkers who believe that the West has a lot to learn from these new emerging economies. John Grant, a global thought leader has just published his latest book, Made With, which has been widely picked up by the U.K. media. Grant’s book gives us a glimpse into the future, where the West with its spread of products, culture, media and influence will not continue to dominate the world like it has for the last 100 years.  Instead, Grant talks about a wake-up call to the Western world, about how brands from a non-Western cultural tradition are changing and influencing the world of business and branding. He focuses on the new Muslim majority countries who account for many of the fastest emerging economies and have the potential to create tomorrow’s lifestyles, concepts and brands.

The KarmaKonsum conference in March 2014 will host a variety inspiring talks by a line-up of influential names from business, politics, education, science and civil society such as Vandana Shiva, a leading Indian environmental activist and anti-globalization author; Vani Murthy, one of Pune’s most active waste management community campaigners; Michael Kuhlmann, one of the most innovative thinkers of corporate & brand sustainability in current times and other high-profile names. The winner of the KarmaKonsum Start-Up Award will also be announced at the Pune event; an award promoting eco-social start-ups.

India’s population growth, increased urbanisation, the widening divide between it youthful and quickly aging populations, and a rapidly growing middle class are reshaping not only the country’s business world, but also its society as a whole, making the KarmaKonsum event very relevant  this year.

Photo Credit: KarmaKonsum