Mohawk​'s Airo​ Lays Down New Standard For Green ​Soft Flooring​

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - ​How about a new type of soft flooring made from PET fiber that does not wrinkle or delaminate, besides being easy to use and install? It may sound the stuff of a recycling dream, but this what flooring manufacturer Mohawk says its new range of carpet Airo can do.

A​iro was presented ​​to​ flooring retailers in January at the International Surface Event in Las Vegas, ​where it received awards in product design and innovation. ​The company says it will be available to the consumer market later this year.

So let's have a peek at the technology behind Airo, provided by Niaga. The first characteristic is the utter simplicity of it all: Airo features a two-part design made one with a single polymer. The PET fiber is constructed on a premium cushioned backing that uses a novel, tension-free process. The result of that is a dimensionally-stable floor, which will not wrinkle or delaminate. Besides being easy and fast to install, no additional cushion, no tack-strip at edges to snag socks and no power stretching or seaming iron are required, Mohawk says.

On top of that, Airo has the Green Label Plus certification and none of that new carpet smell, and will remain smell-free as moisture cannot be absorbed into the fiber, backing or cushion, which really helps reduce odor in the home.​

“The beauty is in the simplicity of Airo’s construction,” said ​George Bandy, Mohawk's vice president of sustainability. “By using just one material to make every element of the carpet, from the backing to the face fibers, we are able to easily recycle Airo into another Airo style. It’s a fully closed loop recyclable product.”​

It has been a long way to arrive at Airo. Mohawk has spent more than four years developing and refining the production process and the company intends to be as disruptive with the Airo as it was 11 years ago with the SmartStrand, known for its durability, cleanliness and stain protection.

“What’s remarkable about Mohawk Airo is that the innovation that makes it a revolutionary product with regard to performance, service and installation also makes it one of the most sustainable flooring products on the market today,” ​added Bandy​ . “Airo gives us an opportunity to look at a circular economy in a different way.”​

Image credit: Mohawk