New Eco-App for Kids Now on iTunes

The "Let's Go Chipper" line of eco-educational apps for children has been expanded with three new apps aimed at getting children excited about nature and the environment.

Chipper is a curious and adventurous squirrel from the city who serves as a guide for children interested in camping, nature, animals, and the fun of the outdoors. The app includes a high quality animated movie, music videos, and books to inspire children to get outside.

Each app features a different theme with the goal of teaching children about valuing nature and conservation. "Chipper in Parks" is based around an urban escape to several parks in San Francisco where Chipper visits wetlands and marshes and learns about the water system and importance of keeping it clean. "Bruce the Slug" is focused on the forest system and teaches kids how composting works. "Out to Sea with Sally" explores the life processes of salmon and the importance of treading lightly. "Let's Fly Chipper" is about how to prepare for a flight and behave properly on an airplane.

The "Let's Go Chipper" series was created by IAG Media, a self-described "family-lifestyle entertainment company" which creates apps, music, movies, and books that teach respect and life skills to children. The founder of the company explains:

Our goal is to help parents prepare their children for life’s experiences by providing positive messaging a parent can use to playfully teach, and reinforce, good manners and behavior in everyday situations... We believe music, mishap and humor is the best way to engage, excite, and educate children at home and in the classroom. Social skills are developed before a child can even speak so we provide positive stories to reinforce good behavior in children. Our characters are positive role models and provide parenting tools that help teach good behavior and respect.

The green company uses consciously harvested paper for their products and packages many of them in reusable totes to reduce landfill waste. They do not use book jackets and manufacture the majority of their products close to their headquarters in San Francisco.

The app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and may be purchased here.