P&G to Eliminate Phosphates from All its Laundry Detergents Worldwide

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Procter & Gamble will remove phosphates from all of its laundry detergents by the end of 2015. Phosphates are known to have a harmful effect on the environment, and P&G has committed to eliminating them entirely from all its detergent brands worldwide – including Tide, Ariel, Cheer, Gain, Ace and Bold.

The company is taking this measure to reduce its environmental impact while still delivering superior cleaning performance in its products. P&G’s Group President of Global Fabric and Home Care, Gianni Ciserani, said that the company’s focus on innovation and research is helping to achieve improved environmental sustainability for its laundry products, while enhancing their performance at the same time.

Phosphates are typically used to soften hard water, but can be potentially harmful by way of depleting oxygen levels in the water, and causing algae blooms and even fish deaths. P&G removed phosphates from its laundry detergents sold in the United States in the early Nineties as well as from its detergents sold in Europe. The renewed commitment from the company is likely to have the maximum positive impact on developing countries where the presence of phosphates in detergents has been unregulated.

Len Sauers, VP of Global Sustainability at P&G, said that the company’s size and scale puts it in an effective position to make a significant impact when it comes to changing consumer behavior. With its commitment to globally eliminate phosphates from its detergents, the company intends to improve the quality of life for people today as well as for generations to come.

Source: Sustainable Brands

Image Credit: Flickr via Clean Wal-Mart