RIP E-Readers

The original e-reader was a device that solved fairly simple inconveniences faced by readers by offering efficient and easy (read: electronic) access to written content. It was (OK, still is – but not for long) a welcome alternative to carrying around more content than would have been possible if the material were printed, and it offered a more eye-friendly screen when compared with other portable options, like laptops and phones. But Barnes and Noble’s announcement that it will be releasing an updated Nook with e mail and app capabilities this spring suggests that the simpleton’s e-reader may soon be obsolete.  It will likely evolve to be a multi-media, laptop-esque device which is capable of downloading books – among other, more popular things, like the Angry Bird game.  It ought to be renamed ‘The Multi-tasking Reader-Watcher-Socializer’.  Rest in peace, e-readers.

Photo credit: NOOK Color