Sustainable Living: Having a Happy Green New Year!

Most of what was said for having a green Christmas holds true for New Year as well. The Times Square Ball went green in 2006 by making a switch to LEDs, not only was it brighter but also saved a lot of energy. It is now 2010 and it is about time the rest of us started making an effort to green our lives. Instead of talking about what can be done next year, I would like to focus on how to actually green New Year Celebrations. For me, it has always involved good friends and thereby good times.

More often than not, having a house party is much greener than heading out somewhere. You can not only control the green-ness of the event but also ensure that you are hanging out with the people you truly like. Once you have people over, you have to keep all fed and hydrated. This is where you can reduce your impact the highest by choosing wisely. Think of biodegradable disposable cups and plates or even the new Jello-O ware for a bit of fun.

Do away with cheap decor and stick to something elegant and eco-friendly. Think of serving greener alcohol and organic champagne. Be waste conscious and think of the amount of wastes that can be reduced, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Apart from the actual party think about what else you can do to reduce your impact on New Year's Eve. Do you really need that new dress? Can you buy vintage instead? Can you share a taxi? What can you do to carry on your eco-living for next year?

Resolutions, green or otherwise are a pointless undertaking unless you actually stick to them. We all make them in the vain hope that this year will be different, better than the last. However, unless an effort is made to make it better, different it won't be. So whether you're making resolutions or not, making an effort to become greener is a lifestyle choice that I hope won't be restricted to the New Year celebrations alone!

Have a good one everybody!