Trees Are Part ​And Parcel ​Of Lang & Schwander's Design

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - As far as natural design goes, it is hard to imagine anything more awesome than a tree: big, sturdy, gorgeous, trees are hubs of life. They​ house animals,​ produce oxygen, they keep climatic conditions stable and they absorb carbon​, among many other amazing functions​. They are, in a way, the very symbol of life and yet, humans keep cutting them down, burning them up and defiling them at a frightening pace. This situation needs to stop and be reverted.

India is a country that has taken reforestation seriously as part of its commitement to the Paris Agreement. On July 02nd, 66.3 million saplings were planted with the help of 1.5 million volunteers. The new trees were placed a long the Narmada River in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The country broke a world record as the saplings were planted in 12 hours.

An international hotel furniture designer company is approaching sustainability from the perspective of trees as well. Lang & Schwander has announced that it planting trees for every hotel room and furniture piece they design. To do that, they have teamed up with the Eden Reforestation Projects so it can fight climate change using the most tried-and-tested technology in the world.

To be precise, Lang & Schwander will plant 10 trees for every furniture piece produced. And to have a bigger impact, these trees will be planted in Madagascar, a country that where deforestation is going apace and the country has lost 80 percent of its forests since the 1950s.

Lang & Schwander in 2016 completed 400 rooms. Based on that average , ​they will plant​ 4,000 trees to offset room design and materials, in addition to thousands more planted for each piece of furniture they design. Besides, local people are employed for the tree-planting efforts, helping alleaviate social issues that can also drive deforestation.

Consumers once again play a big role in making their new expectations heard and met. According to a survey by travel website TripAdvisor, almost 60 percent of travelers said they planned to make eco-friendly choices when booking hotels​. They would​ ​also be happy to pay extra​ money​ to stay at an eco-friendly hotel.

Image credit: Eden Reforestation Projects