Volunteers Clean Up the Anacostia River in D.C.

Last Saturday volunteers converged to Washington D.C. to help clean up D.C.’s river, the Anacostia. The event was organized by apparel seller United By Blue (UBB) and sponsored by Subaru. Volunteers were supplied with refreshments and equipment to help remove part of the 20,000 tons of trash that is dumped on the river every year.

Despite the drizzly and cloudy weather, volunteers managed to remove almost two tons of trash from the river. UBB said among the curiosities pulled out from the river were a kids' Spiderman sneaker, a green army man, a naked Barbie, a toy leg, a trash bag from a previous river cleanup, and a pipe smoking, Spiderman mask-donning, plastic jug filled with fresh flowers. The Anacostia River is 8.4 miles long and it’s been deemed “one of the most polluted waterways in the nation”.

The Subaru Outback was the official cleanup vehicle of the event. In April, Subaru of America and United By Blue picked up 7,248 pounds of trash from the Cooper River in Cherry Hill, NJ and has plans to host two additional cleanups this summer.

“We’ve hosted over 70 cleanups in two years and our Anacostia River cleanup has been one of the most memorable cleanups to date. Last year, we picked up almost 4,000 pounds of trash from along the river,” said Mike Cangi, UBB Director of Cleanups. “Now that we have our official cleanup vehicles, two Subaru Outbacks, I am confident we will be able to haul even more trash this time around.”

UBB’s sustainable business model involves combining every business transaction with an environmental action. Costumers can choose the action they want to support at the point of purchase, therefore sales of their products finance cleanups at waterways and beaches on an ongoing basis.

Image credit: UBB