What Stops you from Career Planning? Remove obstacles to your greater success.

As we move into Spring and closer to EARTH DAY we begin to notice the changes happening in and around us. Spring brings to mind for me a rich and powerful time of new beginnings and changes. What are you noticing for yourself especially with regards to your career? Are there old outdated attitudes, or beliefs that need to go? Are you tolerating behaviors or actions from yourself or others? What in you life has become intolerable? I’d like to call our attention to a blog in our Justmeans Sustainable Development section. The article of defining and helping us to explore poor people verses poverty is interesting as it relates to what we put up with in our lives.

We living in one of the most abundant technologically advanced and connected times in history and yet we allow certain things to continue on well past when we know they don’t work for us. I invite us to explore the connection between perceived poorness and the level of what we tolerate in our lives. We tolerate anything when we put up with, ignore, think will go away or are in denial about. The can show up as habits and addictions, broken items in your home or office, incomplete work, behaviors you allow others to do to you or around you, equipment that has never worked and you still use (cell phones, email, computers), issues or topics that people bring up to you which you seem to sidestep or get defensive about, behaviors, thoughts, language used, and conversation topics.

A toleration is anything that we allow to stay present in our lives which zaps our energy, distracts us, makes us feel less than, creates separation between ourselves and others and otherwise takes more than it gives.

Some simple things to do to create more space and time in your life, which you can better, dedicate to the causes, movements, and career focuses that truly support you.

1. Make a list of everything that is dragging on your energy, distracts you from other activities or seems to keep tapping you on your shoulder. I find walking through my home with a note pad is helpful as not to miss anything. Also explore your office, classrooms, vacation homes, cars, yards, garages, basements, any location where you find yourself frequently in. Write down anything that needs attention.
2. Begin to focus on doing complete work. When you open something close it. When you use something put it back. When you start a project commit to finishing it. Take small bites out of a bigger project. Start now to do those projects which have been weighing on you.
3. Begin to notice when you do things more than once and ask yourself, “Would a system be useful here? Complete with a check sheet, manual, or index cards, etc.?”
4. I encourage you to explore the concept of not only saying no to what isn’t working but also say yes to automating what you are doing. Taking from #3 by way of a system and then begin to explore one area of your career or life you would like to see automated. Such as looking for jobs on our jobsite here at Justmeans, doing chores, activities with children, the running of your home, health and well being, socializing, dating, or participating in charity events. Take a week and write down everything you do in that area. Kind of shadow coach yourself, then show that list to someone else who does the same or similar thing and get feedback. Then type up the list and put into an Excel spreadsheet and begin to use the check sheet for a month or so, adding to it and correcting and refining it to reflect your true use and implementation.
5. Now return to #1 and pick one item to focus on during EARTH DAY that you plan to handle and take care of from your life. Begin by generating a system, recording that system and creating automation. Allow yourself to make a commitment to become more stress free, and more focused on what matters most to you this Spring instead of what distractions you.

Let us know what you choose to focus on and how it goes! We'll gather together as a community the day after to share our successes.