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Rebecca Treacy-Lenda, a Strategist at Emotive Brand, is an award winning communications professional with more than a decade of experience in corporate communications and public relations. Rebecca specializes in sustainability strategy and communications having managed the industry-leading UPS sustainability report for several years.

Rebecca is part of the team at Emotive Brand, an award-winning brand and design consultancy that transforms businesses by making brands matter more to people.

For more than 15 years, our team has been providing strategy, content development and design services to the Fortune 500 to help evolve their corporate reporting. We have built a strong reputation for our work in Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility and Annual Reporting.

We view corporate responsibility reporting as an equation, not a annual document. Therefore, our approach is to build the strongest available reporting equation, in any given year, as part of a multi-year evolution that benefits the client, its stakeholders, and society. For further reading of our approach, please see  An Equation for Sustainability Reporting.

Our ability to understand the complexities and nuances of global corporations, coupled with a deep understanding of corporate reporting, has given Emotive Brand a keen ability to recognize the right stories to tell, to the right audience, at the right time and in the right way.

Rebecca can be reached at rebeccat@emotivebrand.com, spotted on Twitter @rebeccatl or find out more about Emotive Brand on Twitter @emotivebrand  or connect at Linkedin and Facebook

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