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Oct 30, 2020 12:00 PM ET

COVID-19 has been detrimental for many small business owners, but nonprofits like LiftFund are stepping up to help as many as they can.

The Qualcomm Developer Network goes deeper into Smart Cities and asks an expert.

Article from in Green Building
Oct 30, 2020 12:00 PM ET

In our Qualcomm Developer Network blog post, Developers Helping Smart Cities Be Smarter, we looked at some of the technology challenges cities are facing, and strategies on how developers could get involved.

By Liz Ozaist, Global Content Lab Editor-in-Chief, Johnson & Johnson

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Oct 30, 2020 11:30 AM ET

In an unprecedented year, you need to think of unprecedented ways to help your workforce feel supported—including on Election Day. The company's Chief Human Resources Officer shares why employees can take paid time off to vote this November.

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Oct 30, 2020 11:05 AM ET

"Striving for gender parity is more than a business mandate, it serves as a steward of the company culture." Joe Simms, Vice President of Human Resources at Stanley Black & Decker, explains why he stands for #EqualEverywhere.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Stanley Black & Decker

Partnership strengthens both companies’ commitment to achieving a circular economy in China

Press Release from in Supply Chain & the Circular Economy
Oct 30, 2020 11:00 AM ET

SHANGHAI, October 29, 2020 /3BL Media/ Dow (NYSE: DOW) recently announced that the INNATE™ TF Polyethylene Resins for Tenter Frame Biaxial Orientation (TF-BOPE) has been chosen by Liby, a leading laundry brand in China, for its packaging used to contain laundry pods. The first batch of the fully recyclable packaging is now available on its e-commerce flagship stores, Tmall.com.

Nonprofit organizations benefit from every Lions first down at Ford Field in 2020

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Oct 30, 2020 10:30 AM ET

Comerica Bank and the Detroit Lions have teamed up again to ensure first downs at Ford Field this season stretch further than 10 yards. Each Lions first down gained this season at Ford Field will translate to $100 that will aid one of eight selected community partners through the Comerica Bank Lions First Down partnership.

From Our Partner, Insights, Scotiabank, Senior Executive, Senior Executives

Article from in People, Social Action & Community Engagement
Oct 30, 2020 10:10 AM ET

Scotiabank Vice President reflects on intersecting experiences as leader, professional engineer and woman of colour.

Article from in Education
Oct 30, 2020 10:00 AM ET

Kids learn by doing. So what does that mean for science instruction in the age of Covid-19, when many schools are closed and children are learning from home? It’s embracing the uncertainties, shifting mindsets and expectations, and finding a new learning landscape.

Article from in People, Social Action & Community Engagement
Oct 30, 2020 9:30 AM ET

T. Rowe Price associates put their expertise to work not only for the firm, but for nonprofits supporting the community and driving positive change within it. 

Pro bono service is one of multiple ways the firm supports its associates’ passion to serve in the community. Allowing associates to select volunteer opportunities that best fit their interests and availability allows them to leverage the skill sets they bring to the firm in ways that can create lasting change in our communities. 

Press Release from in Technology. Innovation & Solutions
Oct 30, 2020 9:30 AM ET

Applications are now open for the 2021 Ray of Hope Prize®, organized by the Biomimicry Institute in partnership with the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. This $100,000 Prize is awarded annually to the top nature-inspired startup, and applications are due November 20, 2020.

Company discusses how to identify and engage stakeholders

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Oct 30, 2020 9:05 AM ET

FISHERS, Ind., October 30, 2020 / 3BL Media / Land Betterment Corporation (“Land Betterment” or the “Company”), an environmental solutions company fostering positive impact through upcycling former coal mining sites to create sustainable community development and job creation, is proud to release Episode 17 of its Impact Minute video blog.  The impact Minute is a weekly, short video series where members of the Company’s management team discuss entrepreneurship and creating sustainable business that aim to address environmental and social issues.  In this episode, Land Betterment’s President

Blog from in Education
Oct 30, 2020 9:05 AM ET

Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 global pandemic, families and communities across the United States still battle another challenge: substance misuse. While headlines often focus on the pandemic, substance misuse nevertheless remains a vexing topic.

Prasanna Angle, a pharmacist and District Leader for CVS Health in Detroit says the real issue is no one thinks it can happen to them. “Everyone thinks it won’t happen, but it could happen, and we need to be realistic.” 

Multimedia with summary from in Energy
Oct 30, 2020 9:00 AM ET

Low carbon passenger rail service powered by Cummins’ hydrogen fuel cell technologies is heading to Austria.

French railway manufacturer Alstom introduced the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell passenger train called Coradia iLint in Germany using the Cummins’ fuel cells. Following that successful test operation, Alstom’s Coradia iLint will run in Austria for the Austrian Federal Railways.

“I would absolutely encourage people to apply for pro bono work, no matter where you are in your professional journey.” - Jessica Nelson,

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Oct 30, 2020 8:55 AM ET

This Pro Bono Week, Taproot Foundation is highlighting nonprofits, volunteers, and companies that are making a difference in the world through the power of pro bono.

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Oct 30, 2020 8:00 AM ET

Before he graduated from George Washington University (GWU) with a master’s degree in public health, Chris Khanoyan volunteered to work for the Livestrong Foundation by driving his own vehicle to provide transportation for patients affected by cancer. That was when the obstacles of being deaf truly hit him. As the driver with patients, he was unable to read lips or speak with them. He struggled to communicate and fully connect with the patients he transported to and from the hospital.