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Nestlé Waters Factory Becomes First Facility in North America to Achieve Prestigious Water Certification

First bottled water company in North America to meet rigorous standard for water stewardship.
Press Release

ONTARIO, Calif., July 26, 2017 /3BL Media/ – Nestlé Waters North America announced today that its Ontario, California, factory received certification for meeting the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard. Created and supported by prominent environmental conservation groups, development organizations, and industry leaders, the AWS Standard is the first comprehensive global benchmark for responsible water stewardship across social, environmental, and economic criteria.

Domtar's Sustainability Monthly Minute | July 2017

What does the maximum take-off weight of 150 Boeing 747-400 airplanes or the amount of water in 8,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools have to do with Domtar? Check out our just-released 2017 Sustainability Report to find out, and learn how the company is working smart for the long term.

Craft Brewery Taps Into Electricity, Creates Niche in Crowded Industry

Electric Brewing Co. in Murrieta uses SCE Time-of-Use and off-peak hour rates to implement successful business strategy.

MURRIETA, Calif. — As the craft beer industry continues to grow, a small brewery in Murrieta has carved out a special niche for itself. Unlike most breweries that use natural gas, Electric Brewing Co. uses electricity to make its popular beer.

Biomimicry @ 20: A conversation with Janine Benyus


Joel Makower of GreenBiz interviews Janine Benyus 20 years into her Biomimicry journey.


Joel Makower of GreenBiz interviews Janine Benyus 20 years into her Biomimicry journey.

Making Cotton More Sustainable—Solutions from Outer Space? - The Minute

Multimedia with summary

Cotton represents nearly half the fiber used to make clothes and other textiles worldwide. But the economically valuable fiber is also a water-hungry crop to produce. It can take between two to five thousand gallons of water to produce two pounds of cotton—about equal to a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. And then there is the heavy use of chemicals to protect the vulnerable plant from insects, weeds, and disease. How could this widely grown and useful fiber be grown more sustainably?

Domtar's Sustainability Economics

Multimedia with summary

Domtar is a case study of how supply and demand has accelerated sustainability—in particular, how the growing supply of natural gas has accelerated the reduction of coal burning in our power boilers. Over the past few years, energy economics and the drive for competitive advantage through improved efficiency have reduced air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions further and faster than what would have occurred under any likely scenario involving additional government regulation.

Stella McCartney Brings Overconsumption to the Forefront of Fashion


Companies have been creating innovative products out of waste for years; and with each material advancement, the envelope is pushed further with more integrated, holistic communications campaigns. However, many of these previous campaigns skirted away from the gritty aspect of waste. Now, one fashion brand is taking a nontraditional approach to creating beauty out of waste.

Corporate Responsibility Practitioner Roundup: Rolland Paper


In the run up to the COMMIT!Forum, CR Magazine spoke with Michele Bartolini, Marketing Director at Rolland Paper. Bartolini oversees marketing for the premium paper company, which puts reuse at the center of its business model.

CRMag: As a marketer, does telling the Corporate Responsibility (CR) story feel different from everyday sales & marketing?

Michele Bartolini Rolland’s CR story and our marketing story are really one and the same – there’s no dividing line.

Forging The Path to 2020

A message from Jerome Peribere, Sealed Air CEO & President

Imagine starting every business day by putting a match to a bundle of currency – thousands of dollars, maybe more, gone. It certainly wouldn’t make sense. And yet every day, businesses do just that - by producing and perpetuating waste. Every move a company makes leaves behind waste - whether it be greenhouse gas emissions, unused labor, damaged goods, spoiled food. At Sealed Air, we’re determined to eliminate waste, not just in our operations, but in our customers’ as well.

Cargill Commits to Providing Free Fresh Chicken to an Organisation Tackling Hunger in the UK

by Rebecca Cain

HEREFORD based poultry firm, Cargill, has committed to providing free fresh chicken to an organisation tackling hunger in the UK.

Cargill has agreed to supply FareShare, a U.K-based organisation fighting hunger by tackling food waste, with fresh chicken every week, free of charge.

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