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Advancing Human Health Through Global Collaboration


We’ve long known that advancement is best fostered through collaboration. As we strive to promote health and wellness in buildings and communities across the globe, we are continuously impressed by local initiatives, companies and industry professionals who are leading the way and finding innovative approaches to advance healthy buildings.

Listen Now: GRI Podcast December Edition

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This month, we put a special focus on corporate social responsibility in Asia. CSR efforts in Asia Pacific are on the rise, in large part driven by new regulatory regimes, such as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's requirements for listed companies. We hear from Swire Pacific's Sustainable Development Manager Mark Harper about the company's experience reporting in Asia, as well as investor demand for sustainability data.

More Than Philanthropy: SDGs Present an Estimated US$12 Trillion in Market Opportunities for Private Sector Through Inclusive Business

Inclusive business practices can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals while opening up new market opportunities for companies

by Nazila Vali, Programme Analyst Private Sector, UNDP

The vast majority of the reports, papers or articles about development start with the numerous complex issues and challenges yet to be solved. Our work - as well as how it is perceived - could change drastically if, instead, we chose to focus on the incredible opportunities yet to be seized.

British American Tobacco | Thrive: Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Livelihoods Programme

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While supplier due diligence and assessments are an important part of ensuring high standards and driving continuous improvement at supplier and farm level, at British American Tobacco we recognise that there are also many wider and deep-rooted issues affecting the livelihoods of farming communities and the sustainability of agriculture.

British American Tobacco | A View from the Inside

BAT’s Group Operations Director Alan Davy explains why supporting sustainable agriculture remains such a priority, and how the company is responding to major issues impacting farming communities.

Why does BAT have such a strong focus on sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods?

Tobacco leaf remains at the core of our products, so the farmers who grow it are at the heart of our supply chain. Our sustainable agriculture objectives are fundamental to ensuring the continued success and long-term security of our business and, crucially, to fulfilling our role in wider society to support farmers and their communities, now and in the future.

WBCSD Presents: A Short Film About the Importance of Natural Capital

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Don't get caught short-sighted. Watch this short film from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to learn about how important it is to value your company’s relationship with nature. You’ll also see how some businesses are already leading the way. Here are a few examples.

Call for Business Tools That Can Be Mapped Against the SDGs

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GRI, the UN Global Compact and WBCSD are inviting further submissions to an inventory, which is part of the SDG Compass, to support organizations in measuring their contributions to the SDGs.​

NAB Makes $55bn Financing Commitment as Part of Climate Change Strategy

2017 Sustainability Report released

NAB has released its 2017 Sustainability Report, which details how the bank is creating value for customers, employees, environment, shareholders and the community.

“We know we owe our success to the people, businesses, and communities who we have supported and partnered with for almost 160 years. That success brings with it a responsibility to make a significant and positive contribution in return,” NAB Chief Executive Officer Andrew Thorburn said.


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