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300 Data Analysts Compete in the U.S. Navy’s First Ever Connected Ship Hackathon

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March 22, 2017 /3BL Media/ - At any given time, 80 percent of the world's tangible Gross Domestic Product is moving from manufacturer to market via ships. With new cybersecurity threats surfacing daily, the need for maritime cybersecurity is more pressing than ever. To protect and maintain global commerce at sea, the U.S. Navy invited top millennial data analysts to take on tough maritime cybersecurity use cases and challenges at its HACKtheMACHINE event held in Austin, TX last month.

How Can Tech Help Deliver Safe, Clean Water to All?

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On World Water Day, we're proud to highlight the work of our nonprofit partner, Water for People. Learn more about their efforts to use technology to provide safe, clean water to the millions worldwide who need it most:

A Graduated Approach to Intellectual Property

We have expanded our approach to filing and enforcing patents to reflect a country's economic maturity.

In 2016, we expanded our existing approach to filing and enforcing patents to ensure we balance the need to protect our intellectual property with a country’s economic maturity.

The Value of Smart City Initiatives Offer New Twist on Old Question of Affordability


Black & Veatch’s 2017 Strategic Directions: Smart City/Smart Utility Report reinforces lessons learned in the past year—although governments and municipalities believe strongly in the smart city model, they continue to struggle to fund these efforts.

Investing in Innovative Technology Can Drive Sustainable Growth

The private sector now has a greater responsibility and opportunity to advance social and environmental agendas.

Peter Harris | UPS 

Biophilic Leadership Summit


National leaders share their expertise, form new partnerships and discuss future directions in the field of biophilic urbanism and design.

The Nature Connection. Nature, Well Being and Positive Outcomes
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National leaders share their expertise, form new partnerships and discuss future directions in the field of biophilic urbanism and design.

Statewide Program Aims to Build Massachusetts’ Next Generation of Creative Engineers

Boston-based Non-profit Bringing Digital Design & Fabrication to Young Learners as it Aims to Serve 17 Million Economically-Disadvantaged Students by 2025
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BOSTON, March 17, 2017 /3BL Media/ -- Boston-based non-profit Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning & Creativity has launched Fab@School MaSTEM, a grant-funded initiative in partnership with United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, which is bringing an innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program to economically-disadvantaged school children across the Commonwealth. 

Eyeing New Technology for Pipeline Leak Detection


Testing New Tech in the Real World

Not unlike speed skating, the pipeline business is a high-tech, high-performance industry. And thanks to one complex and evolving piece of equipment, the similarities don’t stop there.

In 1998, an innovative university research project quickly led to the founding in 2003 of a Calgary-based company focused on real-time video analytic applications in hospitals, airports and wildlife settings – in addition to its usefulness in tracking lanes for speed skating.

Every Drop Counts


We recognize that water stress, water quality and water access are critical global issues. As a result, we’re constantly working to minimize water use at each of our sites around the world. At our LEED Platinum® certified Kalyani Vista building in Bangalore, India, we’ve reduced our on-site potable water usage by 40%. We’ve also taken action to reduce water consumption at our headquarters in California, which is experiencing a multi-year drought.

CFSI Welcomes European Union Conflict Minerals Regulation

Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative Helps Companies Meet New EU Obligations Approved Today
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ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 16, 2017 /3BL Media/ – The Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI), a coalition of leading companies dedicated to improving the security and human rights conditions in their raw materials supply chains, welcomes the European Union (EU) regulation on supply chain due diligence obligations for EU importers of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TG). The new regulation was approved today by the European Parliament and will next go before the European Council. 


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