China Takes the Lead in EV Sales

China has gotten bad press for the high pollution levels in its major cities, but here’s some good news: of the 103 new electric car models projected to be launched globally by 2020, Chinese automakers are on track to produce 49—nearly half, according to Reuters. AlixPartners, a US consultancy, says China aims to have nearly two-thirds of the world's manufacturing capacity for lithium-ion batteries by 2021, and is investing to support current sales of domestic-brand electric vehicles in what is the world's largest car market. Automakers sold 350,000 electric vehicles in China in 2016; while less than two percent of total auto sales, that’s still a hefty number. And 96 percent of those were EVs from Chinese automakers. It’s time to give China credit where credit is due for taking the lead in eco-friendly transportation innovation.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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