CSR Awards to Suppliers: A Chain Reaction

Every year, dozens of major corporations announce awards they have received for CSR programs and practices. Now, Bombardier Transportation, a global rail technology corporation headquartered in Berlin, has turned the award spotlight to shine down its supply chain by presenting Supplier Sustainability Awards to two of its vendors, Knorr-Bremse AG – Division Rail and Clerprem S.p.A. Knorr-Bremse won in the category of suppliers with more than 500 employees for its progress in integrating corporate responsibility systematically into its management and processes. Clerprem received the award in the category of suppliers with less than 500 employees for its excellence in product innovation. Bombardier Transportation’s rationale seems simple and clear: to encourage its suppliers to provide safe products made via socially responsible practices by way of an awards system. The bottom line is added value, both in the supply chain between Bombardier and its suppliers and between the rail company and its customers. That sounds like a win-win solution.

John Howell, Editorial Director