Health Care Cost Remedies: A Disruptive Prescription

16—that’s the number of people supporting each doctor, half of them administrators doing paperwork. Although the health care sector is now catching up, the lag in adopting new technology, particularly the slow integration of EMR (electronic medical records), has been one of the major factors driving U.S. health care costs, now totaling nearly 18% of GDP. Increased use of new apps is one of the provocative prescriptions for a sick health care system put forth by Jonathan Bush, nephew of former President George H.W. Bush and one of the founders of Athenahealth, a company in the medical records business. His new book, Where Does It Hurt?, outlines several disruptive proposals to bring down costs and raise up the quality of care. It’s a healthy dose of entrepreneurial ideas for a sector that could use more creative business model thinking.

John Howell, Editorial Director