EarthxEnergy: Finding Sustainable Environmentalism in Shale, Nuclear, and Geothermal Energy Production

This Responsible Energy Acquisition conference invites industry and thought leaders to discuss sustainable solutions for the challenges facing energy production in the United States
Oct 14, 2020 1:00 PM ET
Press Release

DALLAS, October 13, 2020 /3BL Media/ -- EarthX and scientific consulting firm Medusa Analytical are hosting a conference highlighting sustainable environmentalism in the energy sector on October 22nd and 23rd at Sessions aim to uncover the connections between environmental stewardship and energy production and acquisition. Speakers will touch on the industry’s most prevalent weaknesses and how they are being addressed technologically, operationally, and legislatively.

Panel session and keynote presentation topics range from the latest developments in energy production to mitigating atmospheric pollution to establishing responsible partnerships. The following represent a selection of the 14 sessions, speeches, and screenings:

The Future of Energy | Neil Chatterjee, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Flaring and Air Quality Issues | One of the lowest hanging fruits for reducing emissions in oil and natural gas extraction, panelists will provide perspectives and solutions for reducing flaring emissions, including those from dysfunctional flaring infrastructure. Wiley Rhodes, CEO of One Step In Foundation and Newpoint Gas, LLC., will speak about in situ natural gas capture. He will be joined by Cully Cavness, President and Co-Founder of Crusoe Energy Systems, and Thomas Slocum of Trifecta Solutions.

Produced Water Reuse and Recycling | Extracting a single barrel of oil using unconventional techniques produces five or more barrels of brine water that are then either treated or injected into disposal wells. Expert panelists — innovators, energy producers, and regulators — will discuss treatment, reuse, and recycling options, taking into account cost, performance, robustness, and throughput.

Karr Ingham, Executive VP of the Texas Alliance for Energy Producers, will provide an overview of the industry and discuss new legislative possibilities. Representatives from Apache, NLB H20, and Hydrozonix will present the viewpoint of companies developing reuse and recycling technologies. Bringing the regulatory perspective will be Dan Mueller, Senior Manager of Energy for the Environmental Defense Fund.

Energy in the 2020s: A World of Distortion | Fellow at the Baker Institute at Rice University Gabe Collins’ keynote presentation will look into the economics and geopolitics of various energy modalities and discuss the prospects for renewables in the world’s energy portfolio.

Latest Developments in the Permian and Delaware Basins | What is the future of production and environmental stewardship at the epicenter of the American energy industry? Environmental movers and shakers and industry professionals will tackle the issues in a spirited discussion.

Stephen Robertson of the Permian Basin Petroleum Association, will bring the perspective of oil and gas interests, while Coyne Gibson of the Big Ben Conservation Alliance provides a grassroots NGO viewpoint. Melinda Taylor, Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas Law School (and representing the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation) will speak from a grantmaker’s outlook on the landscape.

Decarbonization | Thad Hill, CEO of Calpine

Nuclear Energy: Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities | Rod Baltzer, Chief Operating Officer for Deep Isolation — which stores and disposes of nuclear waste — will identify some strengths and weaknesses of nuclear energy and discuss how waste management has evolved to include greater environmental stewardship.

Switch On screening | In this sequel to Switch, Dr. Scott Tinker of the UT Bureau of Economic Geology showcases the individuals bringing safe and reliable energy to populations across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Industry insiders, concerned citizens, scientists, regulators, all are invited to the table. Register for the conference at:

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