G&A Institute's Co-Founders Recognized As "Top Thought Leaders In Trustworthy Business"

Who cares about Trust in 2017? G&A's Co-Founders Boerner & Coppola care a lot about trust in business & society & think that the important element of trust in leaders and their organizations will set apart the market winners/losers in the 21st Century.
Mar 29, 2017 9:00 AM ET
Press Release

NEW YORK, March 29, 2017 /3BL Media/ — Trust Across America / Trust Around the World (TAA-TWA), globally recognized leaders in organizational trust, has selected both of G&A Institute's Co-Founders, Hank Boerner and Louis Coppola as 2017's Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business.  

According to Barbara Kimmel, TAA-TWA Executive Director, "The release of this seventh annual list recognizes those whose work helps foster organizational trust and recognize the importance of organizational trust as a business imperative."

TAA-TAW is the largest global program devoted exclusively to researching and building organizational trust, having begun their work in 2009.  Read more and view the full list of Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business here: http://trustacrossamerica.com/magazine.shtml       

G&A's Co-Founder Louis Coppola, named to the list for the first time this year, commented:  "I'm honored to be selected for this list and I owe much of this to the mentorship that my Co-Founder, Friend, and fellow award winner Hank Boerner has shown me over the years.  When Hank and I moved from our previous employer (the prominent issues and crisis management counselors, Rowan & Blewitt) to launch G&A Institute with our team members, our goal was to help companies do the right thing for the right reasons -- and win because of this approach.  I take this award 10 years later as a sign that we've made progress in our journey together!"

In announcing the group that included Governance & Accountability Institute's Co-Founders, Trust Across America Executive Director Barbara Kimmel said:  " During the course of our research, we have met with and spoken to hundreds of business leaders, researchers, academics, consultants and media representatives across a variety of professional disciplines who, when their efforts are combined, help create trustworthy organizations. As our understanding of trust deepens, so does our pool of exceptional candidates. (more)

"Many of the honorees are familiar names from the rosters of CEOs and leadership experts, while others are quietly working behind the scenes. Our intention is to recognize the efforts of those like Hank and Lou whose pioneering work in corporate sustainability and sustainable investment contributes to elevating societal trust."

In acknowledging his inclusion in the list for the seventh consecutive year, Hank Boerner said: "I'm honored and humbled to be selected once again, and I celebrate in the aggregate my fellow honorees' individual and collective achievements in advancing important societal trust issues.  We need greater trust in our unique American Capitalistic Democracy for everyone to prosper and advance.  Lou and I work on this every day, along with our clients and organizational partnerships at G&A Institute, helping them to become sustainable and trustworthy, two key ingredients needed for the successful 21st Century business."

Governance & Accountability Institute is celebrating its 10-year anniversary working to make the business case, and make the investor case for sustainability and trust. To learn more about the work of Hank and Lou's firm and how they assist companies to be a more resilient, sustainable, innovative, and trustworthy, check out their website:  www.ga-institute.com

About Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.
Founded in 2006-07, G&A Institute is a sustainability consulting firm headquartered in New York City, advising corporations in executing winning strategies that maximize return on investment at every step of their sustainability journey.  The G&A team helps corporate and investment community clients recognize, understand and address sustainability issues to address stakeholder and shareholder concernsG&A Institute is the exclusive Data Partner for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the USA, UK and Republic of Ireland.  A G&A team of six or more perform this pro bono work on behalf of GRI.  G&A has analyzed more than 5,000 sustainability reports in this role and databased more than 100 important data points for each of the five thousand reports.  The team uses the experience, data, and insight gathered during these processes to enable winning tools and services for our clients.

G&A’s sustainability-focused services and resources include: counseling & strategies for the corporate sustainability journey; sustainability reporting assistance; thorough materiality assessments; stakeholder engagement; benchmarking; enhancing investor relations; sustainability communications; manager coaching, team building & training;  advice on third party awards, recognitions and index inclusions; issues monitoring & customized research.

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