Ravago Manufacturing Americas Joins Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Oct 8, 2015 10:20 AM ET
Press Release

ST. PAUL, Minn., October 8, 2015 /3BL Media/ – The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) welcomes Ravago Recycling Group Americas (RRG), an industry leader in in recycled content resins in PIR and PCR recycled feedstocks, as its newest member. RRG produces a wide range of plastic reprocessed materials from high performance engineered resins to recycled post-industrial PP, HDPE, and PS materials.

“As a leader in plastics manufacturing and recycling, Ravago can provide critical insight into cost-effective recycling solutions for plastics used in the delivery of healthcare,” says Peylina Chu, Operations Director of HPRC. “Their expertise will be invaluable in identifying high-value needs and opportunities to achieve our goal of increasing the overall recycling of healthcare plastics.”

“RRG is pleased to be part of HPRC, which is at the cutting edge of hospital plastics recovery and recycling”, says Robert Render, Commercial Manager at RRG. “With capability in compounding, recycling, and collection programs, we are a great fit with the aim of HPRC, which is to increase the recycling of plastics from hospital settings."

HPRC recently published a how-to guide, called HospiCycle, for hospitals seeking to recycle clean, non-infectious plastic products and packaging waste generated in their facilities. Additional initiatives aimed at enabling recycling of healthcare plastics include plastic recycling pilot study programs at select healthcare facilities, feasibility and cost analysis of industry transition from paper to plastic labels, and resin testing of the technical limitation in plastics reprocessing. Each HPRC member company is a leader in their respective industry, whether healthcare, recycling or waste management, with a demonstrated expertise, commitment and passion for shaping the future of plastics recycling and reducing the environmental footprint of not only their own operations but also the operations of their customers.


About HPRC

HPRC is a private technical coalition of industry peers across healthcare, recycling and waste management industries seeking to improve recyclability of plastic products within healthcare. HPRC is made up of brand leading and globally recognized members including Baxter, BD, Cardinal Health, DuPont, Eastman Chemical Company, Halyard Health, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Ravago Americas and SABIC Innovative Plastics. The council convenes biannually at meetings hosted by an HPRC member that include facility tours to further learning and knowledge sharing opportunities through first-hand demonstration of best practices in sustainable product and packaging design and recycling processes. For more information, visit www.hprc.org.

About Ravago

Ravago Manufacturing Americas (RMA) produces a wide range of plastic and rubber materials, from high-performance engineered resins to recycled post-consumer materials. RMA is an industry leader in manufacturing products with PIR and PCR recycled feedstocks and values true partnership with suppliers and customers. RMA has a commanding presence in North America with manufacturing operations located across the US offering multiple products and process technology. For more information visit ravagomrg.com.