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Spend Matters Vendor Analysis: Technology Review


As popular understanding of the climate crisis and a range of correlational social inequalities has, in recent years, grown exponentially, sustainability has risen to the summit of the executive agenda. But although today’s most progressive business leaders are clear in their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), many struggle with the practicalities of implementing and monitoring sustainable reforms, particularly when it comes to engaging suppliers in an effort to cascade positive impact through the value chain.

The Next Frontier of Sustainable Procurement

How leading companies can and should support mid-sized firms to deliver the latest wave of change

Over the past three decades, sustainable procurement has slowly become an accepted part of doing business for large multinational companies. And while it is not yet business-as-usual for all mid-sized firms, that trend is changing, with the best performers already firmly ahead of the pack.

The latest research from business sustainability ratings expert EcoVadis has found that an increasing number of mid-sized organisations are now very much focused on this area, with a number of them even among the group recognised as Sustainable Procurement Leaders.

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