Business in a Climate-Constrained World: Catalyzing a Climate-Resilient Future Through the Power of the Private Sector

Apr 24, 2014 8:00 AM ET

BSR's anchor report for our Business in a Climate-Constrained World initiative outlines our new strategy to mobilize ambitious business action on climate change. 

The report finds that business is increasingly exposed to risks from climate change, with some estimates putting the cumulative global cost as high as US$4 trillion by 2030. While 84 percent of Global 500 companies report that they have emissions-reductions targets, and 75 percent report that they have already reduced emissions, the report highlights the need for a greater commitment to ambition to match the volume of activity.

To increase ambition and impact, the report sets forth BSR’s theory of change for business, which involves translating climate risks for business, building an “architecture of participation” for climate action, and stabilizing the climate system through unique “resilience wedges” that combine ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reductions with enhanced adaptive capacity.

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