Corporations Need To Speed Up Net-Zero Goals With Better Data and Collaboration, CEOs Agree

By Dan Reilly
Apr 14, 2022 10:00 AM ET

There’s a growing consensus in both the business and scientific worlds that the 2050 deadline for getting to net-zero carbon emissions is far too late to stave off climate-change devastation. Many corporations have pledged to speed up their efforts to get to zero—and some have already achieved it—but many are still lagging or, worse, greenwashing their efforts to appear more environmentally friendly.

To that end, BCG recently announced a partnership with SAP to integrate its carbon tracking and measurement tool (CO2 AI) into the latter’s business tech systems, allowing more companies to better determine their emissions. Logitech, meanwhile, has its own methods of gathering this data, and CEO Bracken Darrell said that all corporations should be trying to do the same, even if the results aren’t precise yet. 

“I'm 100% a believer that 2050 is way too late. Every CEO on this call ought to have a plan that gets them much, much sooner. We're a great example of a company that probably has 10x in Scope 3, and we feel like we have a very accurate measure downstream. But even if you don't have a very accurate measure downstream yet, you know it's going to get more accurate. We all should be finding a method that we think is good enough and then refining it over time, because we really don't have time to wait until we have a really accurate measure.”

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