Helping Connect Rural Communities in Argentina

Feb 7, 2020 2:00 PM ET

The rural town of Tandil, located some 350 kilometers south of Buenos Aires in the east of Argentina, relies on its road network to not only enable people to keep in touch with one another, but also to ensure rural, and sometimes remote businesses, are able to bring their products to market.

This small town has some 1,500 km of rural roads which are maintained by the Municipal Road Cooperative. It is working to help improve communication between smaller and less developed populations and local urbanized areas.

New Holland Construction, a construction brand of CNH Industrial N.V., is playing a fundamental role in helping develop and maintain these essential infrastructure projects. The Brand’s graders, machines which assist in the initial stages of road construction – by leveling the surface, have been put to work. Once completed, the ambition for this new road network, in addition to connecting local residents and businesses, is to enable greater a territorial integration and help foster greater equality for all residents.