Inspiring More Girls Into Electronics

by Thursa Lamoon
Sep 28, 2021 12:45 PM ET

We organised another highly successful Girls into Electronics in July. Over the three days, attendees of the virtual course sponsored by onsemi had the opportunity to learn from female engineers and interns working at Electronics companies, as well as female lecturers and students at UKESF partner universities. They took part in discussions and Q&A sessions, in addition to gaining hands-on experience of microcontrollers and problem solving with the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino.

Of the Year 12 attendees, 25% were of an ethnic minority and 80% were from state schools. Feedback was very positive, with 85% stating that the course had persuaded them to seriously consider studying Engineering at university, and 80% saying that their interest in Engineering in general had increased after completing the course. 85% of attendees would recommend the course.

The content of the course scored an impressive average of 84% approval, with the most highly rated sessions being ‘Using Electronics to Solve Real-World Problems’ and the Q&A with graduated female UKESF Scholars. In their written feedback, attendees praised the variety of activities that kept them engaged throughout each day, as well as how inspiring they found hearing about the experiences of female engineers.

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