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Date: Wednesday, July 22

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What’s the secret to a great story?

Tune in to join Alicia Bonner Ness, the editor of the New Global Citizen, as she shares the "7 Steps to Stories That Stick,” an easy guide to writing inspiring stories. This conversation will be hosted by Matt Clark, Global Engagement Manager in the Center for Citizen Diplomacy at PYXERA Global. Alicia will share her own experience writing and editing great stories for the New Global Citizen to help you tell your story!

Join the conversation online, Wednesday, July 22, at 11:00 am Eastern Time.


Featured Speakers

Alicia Bonner Ness (@AliciaBNess) is the editor of the New Global Citizen, where she seeks to amplify the impact of local organizations and implementers alike, empowering all those engaged in furthering social good to learn from one another. 

Matt Clark (@MasshuuClark) ) is the Global Engagement Manager at the Center for Citizen Diplomacy, where he designs and implements projects to promote and celebrate person-to-person interactions across cultures.

RSVP:  http://pyxeraglobal.org/virtual-events/

View the webcast live on Google Hangouts On Air: http://bit.ly/1Mui1wV

Join the conversation on Twitter. Send your comments and questions to @PYXERAglobal or @BeNewGlobal using #PYXERAglobal25.


PYXERA Global (@PYXERAGlobal)

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