Women of Color - The Investment Opportunity of This Century

Apr 26, 2021 10:10 AM ET

by Catherine Berman, CEO and Co-founder of CNote 

Many of us have come to realize that racial equity requires much more than intentional conversations and thoughtful grants. These are important efforts and should not be discounted, but they are not panaceas. There is a moral imperative to address the disparities experienced by Black and Brown men and especially women in the US with action and systems change.

I want to suggest a new tool for your toolkit – and one that does not start from the place of “helping them.” It starts from a place of providing equitable access to the resources women of color need to create economic opportunity for themselves and their communities from within. It starts from “what the hell were we thinking all these years?”

You see, women of color are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the country. They create, they deliver, they inspire, and they are the heartbeat and cultural pulse of towns and communities around the nation. Women of color, and Black women in particular, are at the core of our economy with a high rate of labor market participation throughout their lives, as small business owners, and frequently as the breadwinner in their homes. And yet when we speak about racial justice, equity and economic mobility – why is the spotlight on Black women consistently removed or muffled? 

An investment recycles. An investment appreciates. An investment signals a commitment today for what tomorrow can bring, and as such, an investment in Black women can yield a more prosperous future for all of us.

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