A Better Idea for Branding Public Transit

May 8, 2012 12:45 PM ET

By Carol Pierson Holding

An Atlantic Cities blog posed a question that consistently bedevils environmentalists: How do we break Americans’ love for the automobile? A love enhanced by auto makers who have used design and advertising to reinforce the link between sex and cars.

The blog was inspired by a new book, Making Transit Fun! How to Entice Motorists from Their Cars (and onto Their Feet, a Bike, or Bus), in which designer Darrin Nordahl proposes that we apply “the power positive emotion wields over a person’s choice” to transit, just as has been done with cars. Nordahl believes that good design and branding will make this change happen. He gives concrete examples such as the gorgeous new terminal building planned for San Francisco and the names and logos developed for bus routes in Boulder – names like Hop, Skip, Jump, Bound, Bolt, Dash, and Stampede. These are fun names that give personality to the experience.

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