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The competition conundrum: Can better care cost less?

Cost= price + volume. The key to getting better care for less is controling volume not price.

Calling for reform

Liveblogging an Organizing for America phonebank event supporting health reform.

Search for a malaria vaccine continues, despite challenges

A look at one of the leading threats to children under age 5

Stomping on a cigarette company job ad

Is working for big tobacco good work?

What’s killing our youth

Over a million youth are dying from a neglected cause

Lack of Sleep Causing Hypertension in Women

Compared to men, lack of sleep can cause several health problems in women like hypertension and cardiovascular diseases

Sticking to Meatless Mondays for Health

Avoiding consumption of meat one day per week is healthy for consumers and the planet.

Do You Suffer From Constant Muscle Pain?

Business organization need to realize the impact of health problems & ensure effective implementation of health measure

Second-hand pacemaker anyone?

Could the recycling of implanted medical devices reduce global health disparities?

Better health through better healthcare delivery

It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it.


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