Celebrating the Power of Love and Kindness

Jun 18, 2021 10:35 AM ET

Although Pride Month looks a little different this year under COVID-19 pandemic guidelines, there’s still much to celebrate — love, kindness and all the things that bring us together. In this month’s issue of American Way, Flight Attendant JC Watson shares how he shows up as his authentic self to spread love and kindness in the skies.


Growing up with four siblings, my house was always filled with family and friends, and there was never a shortage of love, laughter and support.

But the society I grew up in told me it wasn’t OK to be different. Like so many, I was afraid to be me and lose all of that love and acceptance from my family and friends when they learned my truth. To my surprise, when I came out as gay, they embraced me with open arms. I felt more love than ever before, and I realized how lucky I was to have such a supportive family — one that treats each other with kindness, loves unconditionally and, most importantly, celebrates what makes us different.

That has become my mission in life, as well. And, when I discovered my love of travel, I decided that no matter where I was or what I was doing, I was going to spread the same love and kindness I was shown everywhere I went.

At American Airlines, I’m able to do just that. Every flight I’m on is an opportunity for me to have an impact — no matter how small — on the lives of hundreds of people in a single day. Whether I’m trying to make a customer laugh or help ease their nerves in flight, I am always on a mission to care for you on your journey, celebrating our differences and starting a chain reaction of kindness.

I’m proud to be part of a company that not only accepts me for who I am but encourages me to bring my whole self to work every day and on every flight, a company that puts far more value in what we have in common than what divides us. So, this Pride Month — and every day — I celebrate love, kindness and all the things in between that bring us together.

On behalf of American and my colleagues worldwide, I welcome you as you are and thank you for flying with us today.

Juan Carlos (JC) Watson

Flight Attendant

Peru (LIM)