Comerica's Financial Education Initiative Expands

Sep 12, 2019 9:20 AM ET

The Gift of Knowledge, a part of Comerica's Money $ense Program, is an initiative that educates students on financial matters as well as provides the opportunity to open their first savings account, access to Comerica personnel and a banking center tour.

In 2018, Comerica expanded the Gift of Knowledge program to reward and empower students in San Antonio. The first 20 students from Ella Austin Community Center to complete the program were awarded $25 savings accounts, “seeded” through a grant from Comerica. We also made a commitment to reward even more low- and moderate-income students participating in the Comerica Money $ense programs through Ella Austin’s Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Programs.

Ella Austin was the ideal choice to extend the program in the San Antonio market as the community center also houses one of several Comerica Community Resource Centers. Other locations offering the Gift of Knowledge include Dallas and Houston. 

"The expansion of the program is part of the bank’s strategy to align our education initiatives and create hands-on experiences to foster a mindset of regular saving and asset accumulation habits in low- and moderate-income communities."

-Irv Ashford, Senior Vice President and National Director of Financial Education

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