Companies Take on Final Patriotic Push for Voting

Oct 30, 2020 3:30 PM ET

Throughout this year, we’ve reported on how brands have launched unique campaigns to reinforce the importance of voting. With only a few more days left until the U.S. election and early voting lines getting so long that there have been dance parties, companies are not losing steam. Here we examine how brands are still motivating, rewarding and helping voters get over the voting finish line.

  • With lack of transportation being the third most common reason preventing youth from voting, Hertz is stepping up with its “Drive the Vote” initiative. Hertz announced that it would help get voters to polling areas with a free day of rental services. The car rental company posted on Twitter that “No matter who you back this election, we want to help. Get a free day to perform your civic duty when you book 2+ days from one of our neighborhood locations.”
  • In addition to its commitment to Time to Vote, Nike has released a film titled “You Can’t Stop Our Voice” to encourage more people to get to the polls. The minute-long video highlights the fact that we don’t need to be a distinguished athlete to make a difference. We can simply go out and cast our vote. Nike also teamed up with Lyft to provide discounted rides to individuals in areas that have historically low voting turnout rates.
  • Sprite is encouraging individuals to exercise their right to vote with a specific campaign inspiring young Black and multicultural Americans. The campaign, Create Your Future, teams up with 2 Chainz, Rapsody, and Yara Shahidi to amplify the effort. The activation also features the stories of six #CreateYourFuture creators who are “using their art and their vote to make their voices heard.”

Between a pandemic, civil unrest and an economic crisis, the stakes around this year’s election seem higher than ever – and the emphasis on voting has reached new heights. While political parties might be divisive and specific issues can be contentious, the act of voting is an objective civic duty. These companies are helping create engagement around one of the most patriotic acts we can do as citizens.