Cummins Helps Family Tap The Sweet Spot On Their Property

Feb 11, 2021 9:00 AM ET

March in Alma, Michigan, means one thing for the Miller family: maple sugar. Not only does this resourceful family enjoy some of this sweet, homemade goodness, but so does the rest of the community.

Getting the sap from maple trees is no easy task, however, especially without power. And that’s where a Cummins’ portable generator enters this story.

Cummins recently teamed up with North Carolina Homesteader and YouTube sensation Justin Rhodes to give his audience a chance to win a portable generator to power their own self-sufficiency initiatives. Dianne Miller was the winner and she and her son, Kenn, have been putting their unit to work.

Kenn used the portable generator to power the tools he needed to build a new loading shed for the sheep, goats, and ducks on the family’s property. He put the generator on his four-wheeler, enabling him to journey a half-mile into the woods, far from the nearest source of electricity.  

Next up on his list: a new sugar shack in time for the maple sugar season in Michigan. Collecting the syrup will take the family far from the nearest source of electricity.

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