GM Donation Insulates 400 More Coats for the Homeless

Aug 28, 2013 11:45 AM ET

Just because it is hot outside doesn’t mean Veronika Scott’s Empowerment Plan team isn’t thinking about the cold weather. The nonprofit operation produces winter coats year-round that transform into sleeping bags for the homeless. And GM’s scrap vehicle sound-absorption material continues to be the source of insulation.

While Scott’s coat initiative is warm and compelling, what makes it especially sustainable is how she hired a team of nine previously homeless women to manufacture them.

We’ve collaborated with her on an ongoing basis, and this recent donation of 2,000 more yards will help insulate about 400 more coats.

The impact is spreading, with coats distributed nationwide in states such as Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York and Oregon.

“GM’s continued support directly impacts our ability to produce at the rate we’ve been going,” said Scott.

We know materials and their makeup. With 106 landfill-free facilities, we’re getting pretty creative about how to keep them in use.  The bigger value, however, is going beyond our walls to other industry applications or opportunities like Veronika’s to see what’s possible.

Being a leader means sharing your expertise for an even greater societal impact. We strive to maintain that big-picture vision so that we engage others in sustainable work and living.

Would you like to take part in the Empowerment Plan? Donate here to support this cause…every cent counts.

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