How EHS Managers Can Keep Their Seat at the Table

Nov 16, 2020 8:00 AM ET

Thanks to COVID-19 everyone in the company knows your name now. The pesky pandemic has catapulted the EHS function to the forefront of business operations – which is great (and might we say long overdue)! But, with this new visibility, comes opportunity. Here are some ways that EHS managers can help ensure they keep their seat at the proverbial table in a post-pandemic world.

Be a Champion of Stakeholder Engagement

Successful EHS programs require buy-in and support from a variety of organizational functions – from operations and HR to facilities and security – the list of stakeholders is long. Prior to COVID-19, most EHS managers considered themselves lucky if any of these stakeholders responded to emails, attended a meeting, or did anything beyond what was absolutely required by the EHS function (especially in low-risk environments such as office spaces). Needless to say, things are very different now. “I’m actually being asked for my opinion!” says one EHS manager, and “important people are listening to me now and following my advice!” says another. So, what can you do to make sure these stakeholders continue to seek your valuable input into the future?

  • Contribute Your Expertise: Everyone has specific expertise that they bring to the table and yours is no exception. Add your expertise to the discussion whenever possible.
  • Show Your Passion for EHS: Cheerleader is kind of a strong word, but you get the point. Combine your technical expertise with energy and enthusiasm – this combination is hard to dismiss.
  • Be Transparent: It’s okay not to know everything. If stakeholders have questions, do your research, connect with other EHS experts, and report back when you have answers.
  • Keep Your Promises: A good team player always keeps their word. If you agree to do something, do it – stakeholders will remember you as being reliable and trustworthy.

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