Indiana School to Generate Wind Power, Save Emissions and Money

Sep 4, 2013 12:00 PM ET

The Shenandoag School Corporation campus in rural Middletown, Indiana is to become the latest carbon offset wind power project from carbon offset project developer and supplier NativeEnergy, through its Help Build scheme. The 900kW turbine will generate clean energy for the K-12 school and avoid an estimated 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. In addition, the School will save a net of $1.7 million during the first 20 years of operation of the project.

NativeEnergy has in the past attracted support for Help Build from companies such as Ebay, GreenMountain, Coffee Roasters, ClifBar and Aveda, who invested money in carbon offset clean energy projects that could not have got off the ground without their financial support.

“The wind turbine is a winning project all around. The school will utilize its own source of renewable energy, reduce our carbon footprint and have a hands-on learning facility. The project also contributes clean energy to the grid and corporate sponsors receive carbon credits to offset their unavoidable emissions,” said Ron Green, the superintendent of the Shenandoah School Corporation.

The carbon reduction benefit of the Shenandoah School Wind Project is equivalent to preventing the emissions of 30,000 barrels of crude oil or 1.5 million gallons of gasoline. Besides, the Shenandoah School Wind Project will provide vocational education in wind technology for high school students.

NativeEnergy and its clients has provided upfront funding to seven Indiana community wind projects, avoiding nearly 80,000 tonnes of carbon, which equals to the emissions from nearly nine million gallons of gasoline.

Performance Services, an Indianapolis based engineering and construction company, is in charge of each of the Indiana community wind projects.

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