Navigating the Great Resignation

Leveraging Skills-Based Volunteer Programs to Boost Employee Engagement and Retention in a Time of Rapid Turnover
Aug 19, 2021 4:00 PM ET

In what’s being dubbed the "Great Resignation,” around 4 million people quit their jobs in June alone and 52 percent of employed workers plan to actively job hunt this year. A year and a half of living through COVID-19 has left many professionals burned out and in pursuit of more fulfilling opportunities or employers that better align with their values.

Whether or not your company or organization is feeling the turnover pressure, skills-based volunteering can be a powerful element of your employee engagement and retention strategy. Providing talent development opportunities, team building, and a much desired sense of purpose at work, skills-based volunteering addresses many of the root causes for today's high rates of attrition.

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