Nebraska Cowboy Displays Scheer Talent

Wins $100,000 first prize in TransCanada-sponsored Calgary Stampede Saddle Bronc event.
Aug 7, 2013 2:45 PM ET

If you won $100,000 you might take some time off work to celebrate. Not Cort Scheer. Just a few days after winning the Calgary Stampede’s Saddle Bronc event last month, he was back on the road competing in rodeos across the United States.

“Well, right now we’re driving down to Idaho to compete in a rodeo on Friday,” Scheer explains. “Then, on Saturday we’re off to California for the Salinas Rodeo. Then, it’s off to . . . ”

He continues naming one rodeo after another and it becomes clear that for the 27-year-old saddle bronc rider, who hails from Nebraska, the Calgary Stampede, in Alberta, is one of the many stops along the rodeo circuit — although he stresses, it’s a very important one.

“The Calgary Stampede is a life-changer for cowboys. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this rodeo and the sponsors who support this sport.”

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