Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker, Wave IV: Leadership During the Virus Crisis

May 22, 2020 10:05 AM ET

The changing landscape of the COVID-19 crisis calls for in-the-moment data and insights, so today, we are fortunate to share the fourth wave of the Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker: Leadership During the Virus Crisis.

Wave IV of our research reveals the vitality of strong, authentic leadership– and the expectations of Americans for leaders and businesses to not only speak up – but act as well. Our tracker reveals that tone and content of communications matters immensely, as Americans are more likely to appreciate an unscripted and honest message from leaders – especially at this time. From a benchmark perspective, we are also seeing increasing concern from employees who believe they’ll be forced to go back to work too early, which again heightens the need for thoughtful planning and transparent messaging.

For all of our most recent data, either scroll further or download the full infographic here.