Renewable Energy Projects

Oct 25, 2018 11:00 AM ET

Being a steward of our Blue Planet requires responsible landfill management. To us, that involves more than capturing landfill gas — a byproduct of waste decomposition in landfills. It means prioritizing renewable energy opportunities whenever possible, from harnessing landfill gas at active landfills to capturing the power of the sun, and converting previously unused resources into power for homes, businesses, critical infrastructure, and our collection vehicles.

  • Here Comes the Sun: Harnessing the energy of the sun is not new for us, but increasingly, it’s becoming both an environmental and economic opportunity. The technology necessary to convert sunshine into renewable energy continues to improve, bringing more power and projects with it. In 2017, we invested $29 million in solar projects at some of our landfills, and in other opportunities. As of today, we have built, invested in or operate 236,730 solar panels at 19 generating facilities nationwide, with the combined capacity of 80 megawatts of renewable power.
  • Yesterday’s Waste for Tomorrow’s Energy: Collectively, our landfill gas-to-energy projects have the capacity to generate enough renewable energy to power 208,000 homes. Our newest project — at the Pinehill Landfill in Longview, Texas — is expected to generate 404 million cubic feet of renewable natural gas per year. This project is expected to offset carbon emissions equal to the use of more than 19 million gallons of gasoline annually.

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