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How Sustainability Can Lead to New Business Opportunities

Sun Microsystems has provided an interesting model of how a company can use its eco-friendly cost-cutting measures to generate new business.

Selling, new style

<p>A new year and a new president. Change is in the air. And as <a title="2020 Corporation" href="" target="_blank">lots of people</a> are saying, now is also the time for a new type of business.</p>
<p>A new type of business needs a new type of purpose. Sustainability is one.</p>

What to Look for in Certification

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Social Enterprise Update: The First "Social Silicon Valley"

<p>Recently, another blogger at Just Means wrote a piece proposing pillars of a new <a href="allthings/393/The-Inspired-Economy.html">Inspired Economy</a> for the future.&nbsp; It's a great piece, throwing some light on dark economic times.</p>

Year In Review

<p>I watched Sky News&rsquo; Year in Review last night. The week between Christmas and New Years is always a time of reflection for me, I tend not to be working at full tilt, and this means lots of fresh air and lots of thinking. What did I get done? What was I happy with? What went unfinished and why? What succeeded, what failed?

Relocalising - in a community near you

<p>At this time of year I guess we are all thinking about hearth and home.

Culture Wars

<p>In a bad economy, it&rsquo;s more critical than ever to track the impact of philanthropic dollars being given to charitable causes. Trouble is, measuring impact remains a significant challenge for most classic advocacy organizations&mdash;but less so, some philanthropy experts believe, for social enterprises. Why?

A New Kind of Company

<p>In recent years, we have seen a surge of "new kind of" companies enter the marketplace.&nbsp; Social entrepreneurs launch these companies with lofty visions of creating positive change while making money.&nbsp; They offer a win-win for everyone, by focusing on the triple bottom line - people, planet, and profits.<br /><br />I am huge supporter of this these "new kind of" companies.


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