Climate Bill

Myths about Cap and Trade

Back in December Obama made a very public pledge to deliver a national cap and trade system and the President’s

Choosing Differently

There is a lot of discussion at climate change seminars about technology. Can it save us? Will it save us? Do we have enough of it?

I'm sort of in the middle here. I think that technology can greatly help us, but only if we use it.

To give you an example, we have the technology for electric cars, but for a variety of reasons, very few people drive them.

Lost that lovin' feelin?

A few years ago I was really psyched about corporate responsibility and ethical business (or whatever term you use)., The Eden Project, Duchy Originals, FTSE for Good, the Grameen Bank, Wal-Mart, and Coca Cola’s series of commitments all kept me up at night thinking of the future possibilities.

Imagining a Carbon Free World

Osbert Lancaster recently posted a blog about the difficulty understanding exactly what a commitment to a carbon free economy will entail. The too-good-to-be-true accounts, like the one provided by Lord Adair Turner, suggest a rather fishy estate-agent motivation. To believe that it’s ‘that simple’ makes you feel a little bit self-conscious and gullible.

Climate Change: Keeping It Simple Stupid?

Lord Adair Turner, chair of the UK government's advisory committee on climate change, makes tackling climate change seem (relatively) easy. But is keeping it simple, stupid? Or is it a sensible strategy to avoid frightening the horses?

Making the Smart Grid a Reality

Last month I explained the basics about Smart Grid technology, why it is so important, and why its $11 billion allocation in the US stimulus package makes sense.

Pushing the Limits of Sustainability in Norway

Contradictions are always easy to find in the field of sustainability and they are consistently cited as reason for inaction.

The Epic Search for Renewable Energy at Home

If you can’t generate your own renewable energy, the second best option is to source your energy from renewable suppliers. But I found out recently that but doing this isn’t very straightforward.

The credit crisis is about borrowing from your children. The climate crisis is about stealing from them.

I’ve been trying for a while now to figure out whether the climate and credit crises are two chapters of the same story or ‘different’ in some way. For the most part, they seem one in the same: Financial deregulation facilitates the creation of unlimited lending using irresponsible and greedy lending techniques.

Think Global, Act Local?

As dismal as we may find the impending doom of global climate change, biodiversity loss, protracted economic recession, and ever increasing global inequality, we all generally believe that we can reach some kind of global agreement to ensure that our long-term future remains intact.


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