Climate Bill

Will Gillard Bring Back Climate Leadership in Australia?

Will Australia's first female prime minister also be the first to take the threat of climate change seriously?

Actually, Small Business Owners Do Want a Climate Bill

A new poll suggests small business owners see benefits in clean energy and climate legislation, and want it to pass.

The Science of Climate Change Isn’t So Muddy After All

Two new studies shed some light on the non-debate about the science of climate change.

Hands Across the Sand Builds Momentum for Action on Climate Change

Activists at 700 Hands Across the Sand events rallied Saturday for clean energy solutions and a shift away from oil.

Fighting Climate Change While Creating Jobs

A new initiative reminds senators that passing a climate bill means creating thousands of green jobs.

Senate Climate Change Bill Analyzed by EPA; Implementation Cheaper Than You Think

EPA finds it's cheaper to mitigate climate change than buy a can of Coke. Why aren't we being more proactive?

Protests Growing Over BP, Oil, and Climate Change

What began as a small number of scattered protests is becoming a real movement for fossil fuel independence.

Obama to Address Energy and Climate Change – Tune in to Justmeans for Updates

President Obama will speak about energy and climate tonight. I'll be posting live updates and commentary on Justmeans.

Dirty Air Act Defeated: US is One Step Closer to a Climate Change Bill!

Today saw the defeat of Lisa Murkowski's Dirty Air Act. Momentum is building to pass a serious climate bill this year.

Dirty Air Act Would Hurt Efforts to Stop Climate Change

On Thursday, a group of senators led by Alaska's Lisa Murkowski will try to block efforts to combat climate change.


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