Climate Bill

A Renewable Energy Revolution?

If this really is a revolution then we have done little more than gather in a dimly lit back room

Climate change and public health

Why it is so important to understand climate change and healthcare legislation and two parts of the same problem

The Military Understands ‘War-Like Urgency’

The military understands the consequences of climate change and is one of the few gov bodies to do something about it

The Important Carbon Capture and Storage Debate

Is carbon capture and storage a red herring or a dream come true?

Start refining your climate change arguments now

The power of NO is apparent in healthcare reform; it offers lessons for the battle over climate legislation to come

A Night in Manhattan

Energy-efficient lighting is changing the New York skyline, but not in a bad way

Setting the targets but missing the point

Poor performance on government sustainability indicators says more about the target-setters than the target-missers

Let’s attack climate change with war-like urgency

Either climate change is the biggest and most pressing challenge society faces, or it isn’t. If it is, I have a plan.

Misinterpreting 'no'

Local communities are rejecting Carbon Capture and Storage trials. Some call this NIMBY-ism, but maybe it just means no

Climate change attitudes

A new global survey asks three very interesting questions. What do you think of the results?


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