Climate Bill

Whos kidding who?

Two graphs show just how unsustainable US growth has been.

Import tax on carbon

Do rich countries use their economies to force cooperation, or greet China and India as equals and hope for the best?

Big oil makes moves in the biofuels business

Would it be better if oil companies stayed out of the renewables business altogether?

Clinton’s visit to India

Issues over fairness and teaching or preaching come to center stage in the lead-up to Copenhagen

Eco-Towns Move Forward

The Eco-Towns developments may indicate a subtle but important change in Labour’s thinking on climate change

The Carbon Salary Survey

The world’s first survey of HR trends in climate change-related jobs reveals some very interesting conclusions.

Connecting the dots

Copenhagen has brought all sort of interesting new topics to the floor. Get ready for some exciting debate.

Preaching or teaching?

A run-in with Dubai economists and an example of the difficult learning process that must take place before Copenhagen

Fairness takes center stage in the lead-up to Copenhagen

Legitimate claims on what is fair must be resolved before a carbon agreement can be reached.

Grow old and be happy

Why society should learn to cherish both old things and people


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