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Right Tourism Promotes Animal-friendly, Socially Responsible Travel

Right Tourism educates the public about animal abuse issues around the world.

Are Solar Sails the Future of Sea Travel?

Eco Marine Power, a Japanese green energy company  is in the midst of developing the Aquarius Solar and Wind Marine Power System for ships and sea vessels.

This game-changing technology utilizes solar-powered sails which combine the use of wind, solar, and traditional fuels to keep the vessels moving.

Top Certifier of Sustainable Travel Opens New Paris Office

EarthCheck, one of the world's top providers of certifications for the sustainable travel and tourism industry, will be opening up an office in Paris, France.

The office opening was announced following impressive company growth in Europe.

The company is optimistic about the future, as they point to the financial benefits of sustainable business operations as a major draw for any company.

Serengeti World Heritage Site in Grave Danger as Tanzanian Government Moves Forward With Highway

Each year over two million animals complete a 2,000 mile roundtrip migratory journey beginning in the Serengeti

Endangered Monk Seals Find a Secret Refuge

The world's most endangered seal, a rare Mediterranean monk seal, has found a hideout on an Aegean island in Greece. Scientists refuse to share the specific location with the public. Offers Sustainable Travel to the Ski Slopes (Via Train)

In Europe, skiers can usually access the slopes by train, and rail travel has plenty of advantages. As the the site, suggests about train travel: "it's better for you" and "it's better for the planet". Trains produce 90% of the carbon emissions of air travel.

Eco Friendly Destination Feature: Nihiwatu Resort Reduces Local Malaria

Near the resort, Nihiwatu, on the island of Sumba, Indonesia, the Pasola ritual occurs in February and March. Blood is shed. Thousands of horseman charge one another on a battle field. Injuries are anticipated, and sometimes horses and riders die. Blood is necessary to make the ground fertile for the rice harvests in April and May.

Sustainable Travel with Aurora

Aurora Expeditions provides a sustainable travel option that offers eco- conscious fun and adventure.

Sustainable Travel Seaside

Shake off the winter weather blues and start thinking about sustainable travel with an eco- conscious cruise.

Skier Alison Gannett Promotes Sustainable Travel to Save Our Snow

Extreme freeskier Alison Gannett is on a mission to save our snow. Some of the glaciers she skied on a decade ago are no longer around. Gannett photographs glacier change on her ski trips, and she is a climate change solutions consultant.


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