Ethical Consumerism

A Smartphone App To Help End Child Labor

Want to buy products not made with slave labor? There's an app for that.

Seafood Watch Launches Android App to Boost Sustainable Seafood Consumption

Seafood Watch's new Android application advices consumers on most sustainable seafood choices

Adidas Aims for Sustainable Cotton

Adidas plans to source all of its cotton from sustainable sources by 2018.

A Look Around on World Water Day

Water supplies world over are at peril - a look at the state of water supplies around the world.

Sustainable Seafood App Now Available For Android

Now available for Android, the Seafood Watch app helps consumers make eco-friendly choices when purchasing seafood.

Green Living: The Quest for a Balanced Energy Portfolio

Do we really have to choose between renewables, coal and nuclear?

Green Living: Vegan Goes Mainstream?

Is veganism going mainstream?

Woolworths Launches Sustainable Seafood Plan

Major Australian supermarket joins the sustainable seafood movement with a three-step seafood strategy.

Green Living: How to Save the Bees

Declining honey bees does not just affect production of honey.

Green Living: Light-Bulb Wars

Why is America up in arms against the incandescent light-bulb?


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