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Hurricane Harvey Puts The Texas Trees Foundation’s Work Into Context

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – At the time of writing this story, Hurricane Harvey is hitting Texas with severe weather; it’s the first major hurricane to hit Texas in nine years and has been devastating—"an unprecedented" weather event. The storm puts the work of the Texas Trees Foundation into context, which has released findings from the 2017 Dallas Urban Heat Island

Soot and Smog Important in Climate Change Fight, Says UN

Curbing soot and smog pollution quickly could buy precious time in the longer-term effort to stop climate change.

No-Till Farming Could Help Reduce Climate Change

By not plowing the ground, farmers can increase soil productivity and help the global climate.

Climate Change Legislation U.S.: 2011 and Beyond

Three Thoughts for a Climate Change-Friendly Thanksgiving

Keep your carbon footprint in check and still enjoy Thanksgiving with these three insights.

Kiribati Hosts Tarawa Climate Change Conference

One of the nations most vulnerable to climate change is hosting an international conference on the issue this week.

More Funding Going to Research Ocean Acidification

This fall the US federal government made important commitments to investigate the impacts of ocean acidification.

Countries Ranked by Climate Change Vulnerability

Out of 171 countries, Bangladesh and India are ranked most at risk in a warming global climate.

Climate Change to Increase Hurricane Intensity, Posing Problems for Disadvantaged Communities

As severe tropical storms become more common and more deadly, poor countries and communities will be hit the hardest.

Business Done Better Reduces Causes of Climate Change in Australia

One of Australia's largest timber companies, says it will end its logging of old growth forests in Tasmania.


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